OzCar Connect Terms & Connections

About OzCar Connect

OzCar Connect Pty Ltd (“OzCar Connect”) is an exciting and better way for private sellers to advertise and sell their motor
vehicles. The services of OzCar Connect are not available to licensed motor dealers or other Commercial Sellers without
the prior written consent of OzCar Connect.

By accessing the Website, or otherwise making use of the OzCar Connect services, You agree to be bound by these terms
and conditions (as amended from time to time) and the OzCar Connect Privacy Policy which appears on the Website.

Terms and Conditions

These Terms & Conditions apply to:

(a) any and each use of the Website;

(b) any dealing between OzCar Connect and a Seller who requests OzCar Connect to open an OzCar Connect Account for
the potential sale of a Vehicle by making use of the Website;

(c) any dealing between OzCar Connect and a Purchaser or potential Purchaser;

(d) any dealing between a Seller and a Purchaser via (or as a consequence of) the Website in relation to the sale and
purchase (or potential sale and purchase) of a Vehicle;

(e) the creation or use of an OzCar Connect Account by a Seller and/or its subsequent administration by that Seller or by
OzCar Connect;

(f) the making of an Advertising Request by a Seller and the dealing with such request by OzCar Connect;
(g) the publication by OzCar Connect of an Advertisement in accordance with an Advertising Request by a Seller; and/or

(h) the use of a Connect Point by any party for the purposes of a Private Car Transaction.

Terms and conditions continue as per current site…