General Benefits

When you own an Ozcar franchise you have the backing of a family, the benefit of joining a winning team and a business model that works. Joining OzCar will give you the opportunities and rewards that as a single operating dealer you could only dream of.

+ - Business model

+ - Brand

Business model

We have been in the business since 1998, after huge success and storms, we have perfected our business model resulting in industry best sales and gross. If you would like to implement a proven, successful used car business model into your current used car dealership or into the used car department of your new car dealership, this is the solution.


We have worked relentlessly to ensure we are top of mind for people who are looking to get a quality used car. We have achieved huge brand awareness and trust during all these years campaigning in different mediums and through word of mouth. Now we are a household name in NSW.

+ - Marketing

+ - Real Enquiries


We put enormous efforts into our marketing strategy and execution to ensure we are the first option for customers looking to buy a used car. All the hard work we put into marketing in 2019, resulted on over 65,000 website enquiries and endless walk ins.

Real Enquiries

Our website has been ranked by Google as top contender in the automotive sector. The way it was built, together with our marketing will ensure you get real enquiries. Currently, our dealerships receive at least 100 real enquiries per week, and best of all NO carsales.

+ - Stock Pooling

+ - Systems

Stock Pooling

All OzCar dealerships and franchisees pool or share their stock through our DMS. In short, what is mine is yours and what is yours is mine. Being a franchisee will mean you'll have thousands of cars available at your finger tips. And the best thing is, if any of your cars are sold by another dealership, you will receive a fee for the sale.


As a franchisee you will have access to all our systems that we have carefully developed over the past 2 decades. From the way we handle our leads, our road to sale, the wholesale process, our reconditioning process, marketing, sales coaching, administration and much, much more.

+ - Software

+ - Retail Finance


Our CRM system, sales app and website are the best in the industry. We have carefully built a software system that is not only an OEM tool and data tracker but helps converting leads into sales, making your sales process forever better!

Retail Finance

For 20 years Ozcar has had industry best finance penetration and income. We have developed close relationships with fantastic lenders that will become part of your team too; meaning you will be able to maximise your income and finance penetration.

+ - Sale Events

+ - Strength in Numbers

Sale Events

It is a known fact that customers love a sale, and so do we! Our sales events are like nothing your customers or you have ever seen. Our sales events will ensure your enquiry, foot traffic and sales go through the roof.

Strength in Numbers

As a family, we protect each other and share our benefits and opportunities. By joining us you'll be part of the biggest used car retailer in Australia. You will have the negotiating power that only the biggest in the business can have.

+ - Sales Training

+ - Quality of Stock

Sales Training

Sales training is in our DNA. It is part of us, part of our success. Creating, implementing and driving our business model only comes via training. Our training is a specific plan that includes sessions with the managing director, senior staff, podcasts and workbooks.

Quality of Stock

We have thousands of late model quality cars in our stock that we take great pride in presenting to our customers. All our cars are 191 point inspected and serviced to the best standards making sure they pass even the most rigorous tests. All our cars come with OzCar's money back guarantee, our quality is our brand.

+ - Service

+ - Wholesale


Ozcar service will not only increase your income, but will ensure your service retention is second to none. OzCar’s repeat and referral business in 2019 was 36% and our service department has a lot to do with this. Our service process maximises time, income and customer retention.


When it comes to wholesale it really is "strength in numbers" and as our dealer footprint grows, so too will our wholesale footprint. Sourcing cars, disposing of cars, maximising dollars – it all changes for the better with an OzCar franchise.

+ - Administration

+ - Unique Add On’s


OzCar franchisees will have the benefits of as much or as little of our head office administration as they want. You can choose to do certain administration functions yourself or OzCar can do all of them for you, the choice is yours. Services on offer include accounting, payroll, stock control, legal advice, customer relations and more.

Unique Add On’s

We don’t just sell used cars. We’ve got business add ons that create great value to all franchisees such as: Ozcar Connect - Private listings in our website Ozcar Customs - Our own car customization department and Ozcar Imports – Direct import line of electric and hybrids.

Extra New Car Dealership Benefits

Along with all the benefits above, as a new car dealer you will also enjoy all the benefits that come with having the best used car department in Australia at your fingertips. your new car sales numbers and gross will sky rocket.

+ - Increased Trade In Prices

+ - Increased Used Car Turnover

Increased Trade In Prices

Being part of OzCar will ensure you maximise your new car trade in prices. If you're trading cars at 80% or 90% of value, OzCar is the answer. Our system ensures your trade ins will be maximised.

Increased Used Car Turnover

Our stock pooling ensures your used car turnover will increase. Turn your stock without lifting a finger and get a fee for it.

+ - Increased New Car Profit

+ - Increased Sales Staff

Increased New Car Profit

Increased trade in prices means increased profit from your new car department. Increase your gross for your sales staff and youself.

Increased Sales Staff

By being a franchisee your sales team will increase by hundreds. Think about it, the salesperson at Tamworth has a customer who wants a new Mazda – guess what, you just got a deal.

+ - Increased Trading Power

+ - New Car Enquiries

Increased Trading Power

Our trade in pricing system will ensure you have a competitive edge over other new car dealers. A strong used car department means increased trading power.

New Car Enquiries

Place your new car specials on OzCar's website. We get over half a Million visitors a year and they're waiting to see what you've got..


Wholesale Services

Use our wholesale department as if it were your own. Maximise your sourcing and disposing of stock through OzCar's Wholesale Department.

Reconditioning Services

Our reconditioning HUBS are at your disposal to get your stock purchases on the lot quickly, efficiently and cost effectively whilst always ensuring industry best quality.

Accounting & Administration Services

Our Head Office will assist in all your accounting and administration needs so that your can focus on the main thing - Sales.

Stock Control Services

Our team are ready to make your life alot easier by ensuring you don't have to worry about a thing when it comes to stock control.

Payroll Services

Let our Human Resources Team take care of that thorn in your side known as Payroll. I'm sure you'd agree you've got better things to do with your time.

IT Services

In an IT reliant world it is crucial all of us are up to date and in front of all our IT needs and requirements. Our IT team have got you covered.

Reception & Customer Relations Management

A receptionist at call. A customer relations department to make sure all customers love us. This is worth it's weight in gold and it's all there for you.

Service & Warranty Management

Our team will ensure they maximise your service bookings and all initial warranty enquiries & bookings. Keep the back rolling.


Achieve your dreams and goals. Join our team.

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